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Transportation Accidents

Whether they occur on the highway or on a construction or industrial site, truck accidents can cause devastating injuries. Truck companies often place more emphasis on the speed of delivery rather than on safety. Federal and state regulations set forth safety and operating standards that commercial truck drivers must comply with. Our firm has gained extensive knowledge of these regulatory standards in working on tractor trailer, tank truck, flatbed, and other truck related cases in industrial, construction, and highway settings.

Driver fatigue, blind spots, aggressive maneuvering, speeding, failure to use side mirrors, protrusions from the sides of trucks, and improper turns are just a few examples of operators' negligent conduct that we have uncovered through investigation and used to prosecute truck accident matters.

Product Liability

Flaws, failures, and defects can exist in the design, manufacture, distribution, and marketing of products used by workers and consumers. In reviewing and investigating defective product cases – whether they involve manufacturing, industrial, construction, or farming equipment or consumer goods such as children's toys and household products – our firm focuses on the testing, recall notices, accident history, and safeguards and warnings in place for these products. We carefully scrutinize the role played by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and marketers in making and selling the defective and dangerous product. We use several databases, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to discover more about the product's unsafe history, failure to warn of hazards, or the lack of adequate instructions in the product's use.
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Train Accidents

Locomotives' collisions with vehicles, defective tracks that result in railroad car derailment, and railroad crossing mishaps are common causes of train accidents. Significant force and energy is created by even slow moving locomotives pulling or pushing rail freight risking catastrophic injuries to workmen, contractors, and the public. In investigating train accident cases, we have uncovered inattention and fatigue by the train engineer, the absence of switchmen at crossings, failure to use a horn, whistle, or lights on the engine, and failure to use safe measures to ensure that vehicles, pedestrians, and obstructions are clear from the tracks at crossings and inside and outside industrial plants.

Airport Aviation Negligence

Jet blast along with collisions between aircraft and ground vehicles and personnel are frequent causes of accidents at airports. Pilot error, failure to comply with airplane manufacturer and airport recommended jet blast hazard zones, faulty driver escort procedures, absence of warnings of jet blast areas, inattentive ramp and marshaller crews, poor ramp manager supervision of maintenance and ground crews, and misdesigned ramps are some of the areas of negligence that our firm investigates when reviewing aircraft cases involving ground personnel. If you or a loved one has been injured at an airport, on an airport ramp, or during ground maintenance work on a runway, apron, or at a terminal, please call our office for a case evaluation.
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